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I-CODA 9th Annual Summer Residential Retreat with Swami Premodaya

Four Points by Sheraton, 541 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

25 May, 2018
25 May, 2018

“New Orleans is the love
capital of America... And Bourbon Street is the headquarters. You must
experience it for yourself. That’s why this year’s summer retreat will
be smack-dab on Bourbon Street.”

— Swami Premodaya

A full Friday-to-Wednesday intensive program (5 nights / 5 days) of Satsang immersion with Swami Premodaya.

I-CODA’s residential retreats have proven to be powerful vehicles for
accelerated personal growth, realization and permanent transformation.
 This human life is a profound cosmic adventure.  Premodaya’s work makes
the deeper levels of this journey more directly tangible and
experience-able for participants. Sharper awareness, expanded
consciousness and more compassion, are the richer possibilities that
pave the path to the God-centered/Truth-devoted life.  The daily life
by-products along the way are love (‘open-hearted’), wisdom
(‘Truth-devoted’) and happiness (‘God-centered’).  Together, these
reveal Freedom and Peace.

Premodaya’s beloved Master, Gangaji, has said:  “The deeper
investigation demanded by a spiritual life, revealed the limits of my
idea of freedom.  I came to recognize that the desire ‘to do whatever I
want to do’ is an infantile, or at best, an adolescent view of freedom.
 To be free to do what I want to do, is not reliable freedom at all.
 What one simply wants to do, is dictated by impulses, instincts,
desires, and other people’s opinions.  It’s dictated by memories and by
thoughts about what may come next.  This is the opposite of freedom!”
 And Premodaya explains:  “True happiness is spiritual happiness.  It’s
the contentedness that arises when you’re not being ruled by ‘impulses,
instincts, desires and opinions’ (worldliness)—not captive to ‘memories
and thoughts’ (personality and ego).  When instead, you’re identified
with Divinity itself.  Truth becomes actually available, only when
you’re no longer a slave to yourself.  Truth, Freedom, inner Peace,
God-centeredness—these are potentials. They result from going beyond
your limited personal psychology—from moving toward the Universal, the
Timeless, the Infinite and Eternal.  Ultimately this is achieved through
surrender (as reached through love, devotion or trust [‘bhakti’] or
through higher knowing [‘wisdom’ or ‘jnani’]), which simply amounts to
overcoming restrictive individual will.  Overcome your willfulness, and
you’ll become truly happy, truly free, truly a willing participant in
life—a grateful participant in the higher life, which is the
Divinely-oriented life


5 days/5 nights, triple or quadruple occupancy.  Room assignments are
based on available space, and I-CODA is pleased to take personal
preferences into account, but cannot guarantee that all requests will be

Hotel Information:

  • Four Points by Sheraton – 541 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA 70130. Phone: 504-524-7611

  • Check-in time at the Sheraton – 4pm on 5/25/18

  • Check-out time from the Sheraton – 12pm on 5/30/18

  • Hotel room charges are included as part of the retreat. Please note
    incidental charges (room service, phone calls, spa charges,etc…) are
    participant responsibility


  • Breakfast and lunch are included as part of the retreat.

  • Breakfast will be served every day at 8:00am at Vacherie restaurant
    located at 827 Toulouse St, New Orleans, LA 70116. Vacherie is across
    the street from the Sheraton on Toulouse St.

  • Vegetarian Lunch will be served every day as per the program schedule, also at Vacherie. 

  • Please explore the many, exciting, local French Quarter restaurants for dinner.

Please visit www.i-coda.org for more information and pricing.

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